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Where does your water come from?

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The City of Hialeah Gardens buys our water from Miami-Dade County, which is distributed to you through the City’s own system.

The Biscayne Aquifer and underground geological formation where water is stored, is the sole source of water for Miami-Dade County. It has been a reliable source of supply since the early 1920’s. Approximately 346 million gallons per day (MGD) are withdrawn from the Biscayne Aquifer to treatment facilities operated by Miami-Dade County. These Facilities are Hialeah, John E. Preston, Alexander Orr, and the South Dade Water Supply System.

Customers judge the quality of their drinking water based on taste and appearance. At times our water may originate from a region of the Biscayne Aquifer, which contains natural organic material, caused by decaying vegetation. These natural substances increase the color of the water. Although the water may have a yellow tint, there is no harm associated with the color.

In order to make sure that tap water is safe to drink, the Environmental Protection Agency prescribes regulations, which limit the amount of certain contaminants in water provided by public water systems. Food and Drug Administration regulations establish limits for contaminants in bottled water, which must provide the same protection for public health.

More information about contaminants and potential health effects can be obtained by contacting the following:

Safe Drinking Water Hotline
1 (800) 426-4791

All City services—water, sewer, garbage, stormwater and recycling are charged on one utility bill. For customers billed bi-monthly, water meters are read approximately every sixty days. For Customers billed monthly, the meter is read every 30 days. Your utility bill reflects services for the previous time period and is due upon receipt. You will receive your bill approximately the same time each billing cycle. Depending on the location of your meter, the surface can be covered very rapidly with dirt and sand. Meter readers are trained to obtain readings through all kind of conditions. Usually meter readers can read the meter and be on their way before the customer knows they were there. The next day the meter may be re-covered with sand and it appears no one is reading it. In certain instances the customer has parked over the meter or has placed trash and/or other obstacles over the meter. The department must then estimate the reading. The billing will then catch up with the reading at the next billing period.

If you do not receive your utility bill, or you have a question concerning it; for information on how to start or discontinue these services; if you’re constructing or renovating a building for residential or business use and need to make a new connection, or increase service to the City Water or Sewer System, please call the Department at (305) 822-3017.

Monthly Utility Charges as of 10/1/2008

Base charge of .28 per unit plus $0.18 per 100 gallons of water used. Plus 10% utility service fee on the total charges for usage.

Base charge of .30 per unit plus $0.335 per 100 gallons of water used.

7 1/2 % charge on all water and sewer useage.

$22.59 per unit for single-family/duplex residences. Plus $1.70 per month recycling fees.

$3.00 per unit for single-family residences. Rates vary for other types of customers.