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How/Where to Pay Your Water Bill

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Bill Payment

Online Payment:

Please be advised that there will be a $1.25 processing fee charged by the merchant and not the City of Hialeah Gardens.

By Mail:

Hialeah Gardens Water and Sewer Department
13601 NW 107 Avenue
Hialeah Gardens, Florida 33018

In Person:

Hialeah Gardens Water and Sewer Department
13601 NW 107th Avenue
Hialeah Gardens, Florida 33018

We accept Check, Cash, Debit Cards, Visa and Master Card.

Drop Box:

Checks Only

Located on the front gate at the entrance to the Hialeah Gardens Water and Sewer Department Complex on NW 107th Avenue.

Additional Bill Information

It is recommended that customers give the City notice at least two business days in advance for any service needs. If you are moving, it is important to maintain access to your meters for an accurate final reading. It is also important that you provide a forwarding address for the final bill or deposit refund.

To Open an Account

Customers are required to pay a utility service deposit upon opening a utility account. The amount of your deposit will be calculated at the time the account is open. To open an account bring proof of ownership or if you are a renter bring a lease or notarized letter from the owner of record to the Department during normal working hours. Bring identification that agrees to the above. If you owe the Department for unpaid bills from another account, that balance must be paid before a new service will be established.

Your deposit can not be transfer. All new accounts must have a deposit of their own to be opened.

To Close an Account

To close your account you need to come into our office and fill out the required forms. You must also bring identification that agrees with the name on the account. This request can also be done in writing.

Past Due Payments

Payment of your utility bill is due by the date indicated on your bill. The Department assesses a late payment penalty of 10% on any past due portion of the utility bill. Customers receive one courtesy reminder notice which specifies the payment must be received by the date and your water shutoff off indicated on notice. Upon failure of the customer to make payment in accordance with the final notice, water service will be disconnected. If your past due bill is not paid by this due date there will be a $10.00 service fee due in addition to the past due amount which must be paid in full before water is restored.

In the event the water is turned on without the permission of the Department, the meter will be immediately removed, and the customer will be required to pay additional charges for reinstallation of the meter ($75.00 minimum). In the event that the customer shall make unauthorized connection to the Department’s water system, the Department may remove the service line to prevent such unauthorized use.

Returned Checks

Returned check charges of $25.00 or 5%, whichever greater. The customer will be advised by mail for each check which has been returned, advising him/her that they must redeem the check with cash or money order within 24 hours plus the returned check charge. If the check is not redeemed by two (2) working days after the notice has been left, the water will be turned off.

Billing Disputes

Customer inquiries about their bill and billing procedures shall be directed to the Department. If the customer is not satisfied with the explanation of his bill by the Department, he may request that the Department Head review the account. When a bill is under review by the Department Head, service will not be discontinued, nor will additional late charges accrue. The Department Head will notify the customer of the results of the review of the disputed bill. If the customer is unsatisfied with the determination of the Department Head, the customer may appear before the Water and Sewer Board for resolution of the dispute.

High Consumption

If you get an unusually high water bill, and you want to know why, there are a few things you should do before calling the City.

  • Check your water meter for movement on the dial. If it is spinning, chances are there is a leak somewhere.
  • Look for running toilets, leaky faucets and fixtures, or leaking sprinkler systems.